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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.


Hi Ben:

Installed the new prop the day before yesterday.  The only unanticipated difficulty was that the prop didn't clear the rudder because it extended so far aft.  My Maxprop barely cleared, so I wasn't really surprised.  Removed the shaft and removed 1.25" from coupling end of shaft (extended keyway and drilled new dimple for set screw of course).  After that, the installation was easy: instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow.

Now the important part.  Performance exceeds my expectations.  Virtually no vibration at any RPM (My Maxprop was never this smooth even after a factory rebuild.)  Feathered beautifully.  My son is skipper of a Lagoon 57 catamaran.  Naturally our fifteen mile upwind sail was a race.  ACT III won easily. (Of course on any other point of sail besides close hauled, Soterion would have been faster.)   I think feathering adds at least .25 kts. to our speed under sail.  Under power, we get between 6 and 7 kts at 2000 RPM, making for a smooth, quiet, and fuel efficient ride.  I think you got the pitch right, but it is great to know that it can be easily adjusted under water.  I filled the prop with the supplied grease at installation, but I'll probably add more in a few weeks just because I can. 

 We'll be cruising the Virgins for a few more days, then we'll start moving south to Grenada and area for the hurricane season.  You can keep track of our adventures and reports about your prop on our blog if you like.

Best Regards,
Bill Raley and Heidi Berger
Bills new prop and Heidi in "The Baths"
ACTIII in "The Baths" in the British Virgin Islands.
Sitting here doing web updates in a Melbourne Winter, I must say I wish I was there Guys....
Happy sailing
Ben :-)

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