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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

Re Slipstream 2 blade folding Propeller for Sigma 38



Dear Julie,

 I promised to write & let you know how I got on with my new Seahawk 2 bladed folding prop which you supplied to me.
As you know my boat is a Sigma 38 sailing yacht, approx 8000Kg displacement, 38' long, with a 28hp @ 3500rpm Volvo engine, with 2.37 reduction gearbox.
If you remember, Seahawk's calc was for a 17 x 11 2-bladed folding, but I was uneasy about it, thinking the pitch should be 12, but was reassured by yourself & Ben Hawke, that because of the Seahawk's cleaner and more accurate lines, less slip meant less pitch needed.
Absolutely on the button! The new prop is much better than the 4 year old 16.5 x 13 Gori 2 bladed folding Bronze prop I removed.
At cruising revs of 2300 rpm, the boat speed through the water is 6.8kn as opposed to 6.3 before. The boat is more manoeuvrable in astern, and the whole affair seems much smoother.  In haven't checked fuel consumption, but based on a plainly more efficient prop with much less "slip", I would expect it to be about 8% better too, mirroring the water speed gain.
The construction of the prop is outstanding. My marine engineer had no problem fitting the prop with the Ambassador Marine "Stripper" rope cutter.
I am exceptionally pleased with it.
Thank you very much for your help, and the speedy way you dealt with my order.
There are over 100 Sigma 38s out there and others may be interested.
Malc Peter

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