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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

February 2009
Dear Sirs,
After some consideration and quite a bit of helpful advice from yourselves and your Perth Agent Max O'Grady I bought a 2 blade folding prop for my new S&S 34.  I was a bit worried the little Nanni saildrive (which is optimistically rated at 21hp but really is a bit less) would be struggling.  I also wanted to race competitively and needed low drag.
Your prop has turned out to be outstanding - we have plenty of power, reverse seems as good as forward, and is is quiet and well matched to the Nanni.  We recently had to pull a 32' yacht off a sandbank.  They were stuck hard on a lee shore in 25 knots plus.  We pulled them off in reverse with no real problems and once they were free towed them without even noticing the extra weight. 
There is no prop walk and getting in and out of the pen is simple.
As for the drag, we have scored 2 fastest times and one second place (by 4 seconds!) in 3 races, so it certainly isn't slowing us down.
I was think of buying a Gori race prop but am now very glad I didn't - your prop ideally suits us and inspires confidence at all times.  I don't think a fixed 3 bladed prop would be any better under motor (we outperform a sister ship with the same size engine and a fixed prop) and the racing results speak for themselves. I am sure the higher performance prop allows us to use a smaller, lighter and more economical motor than the Gori racing prop would have done to acheive the same performance.  We plan on some cruising and I will be very happy to do so with your prop.
In addition, your props are clearly very well made, have a long warranty, failsafe hub cushion and replaceable parts. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who wants good quality and performance both racing and cruising.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Torvaldsen,
Royal Perth Yacht Club

We always ask for permission to post comments and also for photo's, Simon came back with these...

Dear Ben,
I am very happy for you to post my email.  I have been genuinely impressed by the performance of your prop, it delivers much more thrust than I had anticipated and reverse seems to be effortless.  I have not been able to detect any noticeable prop walk (please feel free to add this comment to your post).  Thank you for the time you spent helping me choose a prop - I am very glad I didn't buy the Gori racing prop.
Although I imported the best fittings from around the world I have tried to buy Australian as much as possible (all our fitout is Ronstan and it is very high quality gear) and it is great when the Australian product is better than all the rest, which is fortunately often the case, as with your prop.
There are quite a lot of photos on the S&S 34 website (click on the boat photo on the home page and also look us up on the boat directory under "Blondie") but I have attached a couple for you.  The engine is under the cockpit, the front of the box with the steps on it lifts up (and off if desired), also the top can be unscrewed and removed for more access.
Regards, Simon

Happy sailing Simon, from the Seahawk Team.

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