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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

Hi Gary,
Nice to meet you in person at the show.
As promised, I did some trials this week with my Tachometer back in working order and had the following results:
- not a lot of difference in reverse and that was expected
- at 2000 rpms our SOG was 6.2 kts
- at 3000 rpms our SOG was 7.9 kts - Flying!
- maximum rpms was 3300
in comparison, and this is from memory, nothing written down, at 2700 rpms we were at about 6.6 to  6.8 or so SOG with the old prop.
As previously noted, our speed under sail has improved by 1 - 1.2 kts.
I was a bit concerned when you suggested the 17 x 12 but it was right on.
It was a great choice for me and I'm very happy with the decision.
If you want a more technical evaluation, talk to Garry Willis after he visits me in Maine next month.
Kind regards,