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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

6 July 2004
Hi Ben-Finally got away from the dock! and are at Bakers Bay in the Abacos, Bahamas.
The prop you provided for our Island Packet 44 last Feb (?) is outstanding! Between the good alignment job done by Rybovich/Spencer, and your propeller characteristics, we have virtually no vibration at all. Backing is exceptional.
Carol got caught in a tight situation in the harbor at West End, and really appreciated the control that your prop gives us in reverse.
We are very happy that Frank and Jimmies in Ft. Lauderdale recommended your Autostream Feathering Prop.
It is far superior to the feathering prop we used to have, and we will be pleased to recommend it to anyone considering a new feathering prop.

10 August 2004
Hi Ben--Just wanted to give you an update on our boat's performance since installing the Autostream prop.
In about 15-17 knots of wind sailing on a beam reach we attain a steady speed of 8.7 knots, which is .2 of a knot faster than we ever reached before (that was towing an inflatable with a 25 hp outboard on it!). The only difference in the boat's configuration is the propeller. I am left to conclude that the additional sailing performance is due to the reduced drag of your propeller.
I have already written to you concerning performance under power. Needless to say, we are very happy with your product. We are hauling Monday, Aug. 16th,in Man O'War Cay, Abacos, to have the bottom painted and would appreciate any advice concerning paint for the prop.I have read your manual concerning "antifouling your propeller". We will be using Micron Extra with Biolux on the bottom-since installation, the prop has not been painted, and I have been occasionally scrubbing it clean. Best Wishes, Carol and Dick Simmons IP44-10 Gusto!!!

We wrote back just to confirm that the increase on boat speed was over and above the sailing speed that was achieved with the previous brand of feathering propeller....

14 August 2004
Hi Ben-In response to your question, Gusto!!! is a sailboat and, as I said, we were sailing----occasionally we get to do that when the wind is not right on the nose (most of the time!). Boat speed sailing (no motor)under optimum conditions was 8.7 knots. During the past ten years, the highest boat speed we ever recorded (without surfing down a wave) was 8.5 knots. The 8.7 was attained while towing a 10ft.dinghy with a 25hp outboard.We assume the increased speed under sail is due to the lack of resistance when the prop is feathered.We are due to get a haulout to have our bottom painted---stay tuned for further developments. Sincerely, Carol and Dick Simmons IP44-10 Gusto!!!


Update email 12/08/08

Hi Ben--Carol and Dick Simmons on s/v Gusto!!!-in Delray Beach, Fl. Just returned from the Seven Seas Cruising Assn. annual gam in Melbourne, Fl---noticed on their equipment survey that 13 members who had responded to the survey (and we have yet to do it so that will be 14) have your Autostream feathering prop---comments----high rating--no breakdowns-average age 8 years. We are thrilled with our prop---installed in 2004- look forward to seeing you again at the Strictly Sail Miami Boat Show in February.     Carol and Dick

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