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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

Hi Mary,
We sailed our sea trial today on the 14 x 12 two blade Slipstream today.  Very impressed.  With old Michigan 13 x 10 3 blade fixed prop, max speed was 6.2 knots.  The Slipstream gives us 7.0 knots in no wind and smooth water conditions.  With 10 knot head wind, we still see 6.5 knots.  At 1500 rpm speed is 4.4 knots,  1800 rpm speed is 5.7 knots, 2400 rpm speed is 6.2 knots.  The prop also backs down very well, much better than the older style Martec bronze props.  The old Michigan gave us it's top speed at and indicated 3200 rpm which on the M25 Universal means the engine is on the rpm limiting governer rather than the prop absorbing all of the horsepower of the engine.  Top speed with the Slipstream is 3000 which is rated speed for the engine. 
Did notice more vibration with the two blade than with the 3 blade, but I am still dialing in the shaft.  Expect that to improve. 
Prop is beautifully made, all who saw it were impressed.
Ron Hankins
Southern Marine Distributors, Inc.
890 Valastics Avenue
Valparaiso, FL 32580

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