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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.


Attention Chris and Ben
Seahawk Pty Ltd

28 August 2003

Dear Chris and Ben,

Just a little pat on the back for Autostream, and the reason why I’m choosing to fit an Autostream feathering prop to our new Lightwave 38 cat.
Last year, while on our cruise to Thailand and back aboard our 38’ Peter Cole design yacht “Kai Viti”, we were enjoying Indonesia’s typical calms when approx’ 300 miles from Bali our gearbox lost drive in forward gear. Thank goodness for other cruising yachts who rallied together and towed us to a safe anchorage!
Once at anchor we realized motoring in reverse for 300 miles was not an option, and towing us that distance was a lot to ask anyone. Then over a couple of beers I realized that I could reverse the rotation of the prop without too much trouble. We put on the dive gear, and two of us had the prop changed from right to left hand rotation in under 30 minutes!!! With great relief, a short sea trial, and a couple of celebrity beers, we motored safely to Bali where we fitted a new gearbox and repeated the dive to put the rotation back to right hand rotation.
We have much praise for Autostream. The technology you use allowed us to continue our cruise. We have always been a fan of these props, and I have fitted these props to all the boats I have built, including my own.
Once again, thanks for saving the day, and may we never have to repeat this exercise again! However, we are happy to know that the option is there should we ever need it.

Cheers for now.
Terry Crisp

Cammeray Shipwrights Pty Ltd ~ 46 Cowdroy Ave Cammeray NSW 2062

tel 9953 4761 ~ fax 9953 4752

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