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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.


My wife and I purchased our C & C61 in the winter of 1999. SORCERY was fitted with a folding elliptical propeller that had been reworked over the years and although it worked well in forward, it would not open enough in reverse to have any effect besides walking the stern to port.

So the decision to get another propeller was easy, but I still wanted a low drag propeller and my wife wanted to be able to stop at the wharf instead of hoping to lasso the mooring bit on each docking.

Our decision to fit the MARTEC-Autostream Stainless Steel 3 blade feathering 20-inch propeller has turned out to be the best purchase we have made for the boat since buying it.

The installation was easy and with the external grease fitting at the back of the hub, that you don’t have to screw in when regreasing with boat in water, the maintenance is easy. I can easily top up the grease in the propeller hub in a few moments while snorkelling!! This beats hiring a diver.

The handling of the boat has become very much easier than I had expected, with great reverse thrust and low prop walk. I normally shut down the engine while in reverse so that the prop feathers right away and then shift to neutral so that the engine can be started at any time without worrying about lines.

The shaft has never continued to spin after the feathering and subsequent shifting to neutral, which indicates to me that the feathering mechanism works well. I believe this has minimised wear on the shaft components and transmission has not added the drag a fixed prop would have, while enhancing the safety of the operation of our boat.

Regards Tom Harris SORCERY
Nfld. Canada

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