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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

Dear Gary,

After outfitting our sailing vessel Mahina Aka with your 3 blade feathering Autostream prop we wanted to make sure that you knew how satisfied we were with your product. Extremely satisfied is more like it. We run cruising rallies on the eastern coast of the United States, to Nova Scotia and the Bahamas and having our staff vessel Mahina Aka in top working condition is critical. We have a Camper Nicholson 40 Pilot house sloop, which is a fairly heavy motor sailor, and sail her on all of our rallies logging approximately 4,000 bluewater miles a year on our cruising rallies!

The customer service we received from you and Allen was very helpful in making our decision. When the prop arrived we were amazed at the beauty and engineering of it and hoped it performed as well as it looked! We were not disappointed! The installation was uneventful as we did have a professional install it with us there to be on the safe side.

Upon splashing the boat and putting her through the test we found that we gained a full knot and a ½ of boat speed and outstanding maneuverability! We know that with this prop we have reliability, can motor-sail or cruise at lower RPMs and save on overall fuel consumption.

We highly recommend this prop to anyone even thinking of moving from a fixed to a feathering prop or considering a new one!

Thank you,
Jim and Marjie Favors

Nautech Enterprises
PO Box 4249
Annapolis, MD 21403

The fun, safe way to sail to fabulous destinations with new friends!

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