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The following testimonials to our products and service are true to the original writer. They are not edited in any way beyond correcting the occasional spelling mistake and removing private addresses.

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General Comments

Autostream Propellers fitted to Monohulls Back to Top

Considering a bow thruster?
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Your prop is by far the Most responsive prop I have ever encountered! We have found we do not need a bow thruster with our heavy displacement boat (42' 29000#!) the reverse is incredible!


Graham Moritz was pleased with the improved maneuverability...
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Very big improvement in going in reverse. Before 6 to 7 seconds, now almost immediate. Better handling in reverse, particularly good in marinas with cross winds etc. Much safer. Plus top forward speed also better. Thanks Graham.”


Karen took the time to coment on their improved speed....
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Just wanted to let you know we took our boat out for the first time with the new propeller and the difference under sail was amazing.


Bill got a new propeller for his birthday...
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Bill and Heidi live on board a Kelly Peterson 44, Heidi bought Bill a new Prop for his birthday and he seems happy.
"... Performance exceeds my expectations. Virtually no vibration at any RPM (My Maxprop was never this smooth even after a factory rebuild.)...Under power, we get between 6 and 7 kts at 2000 RPM, making for a smooth, quiet, and fuel efficient ride. I think you got the pitch right, but it is great to know that it can be easily adjusted under water..."


We supplied a 22" 4 blade VariProp for this boat
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18 April 2012
I recently bought a new 46 ft Beneteau and found that Seahawk could not supply a prop.....


What can we say about this one... Karl Kirkman is one happy camper...
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We are not going to give you an excerpt... we'll just say that it is all good.


Kathy & Jerry recently fitted an Autostream to Splendid Mane... (this is why I did a 'Remington' & bought the Company)
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...You asked us to let you know how our new prop performed and I can tell you that without a doubt, we are very pleased with the results.....


Nick Humphris tells us about his experience with the Autostreams supplied by Steel Developments in the UK after a recent repower.
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...Nutmeg achieved 7.9knots at 3500 engine rpm. This means that the engine, boat, and propeller match is very close to optimum.....During my year’s experience with the propeller, I have reduced the reverse pitch. Now I have excellent performance in reverse coupled with minimal prop walk. When, during the season, I have scrubbed Nutmeg’s bottom, the performance has always returned. In all respects, the performance of the Autostream 3 bladed feathering propeller is excellent and is “chalk and cheese” better than with the 3 bladed folding Gori propeller.


Ian W Willoughby purchased an Autostream prop from Steel developments in London for his Nicholson 40 DS...
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....Not only has boat speed improved by up to ½ a knot under sail but a full increase of over 1.1/4 knots has been achieved under power. Reversing has been drastically improved with much more stopping power and no prop walk. Also the annoying sound of the rotating propeller when under sail has been removed....


Seaspray Magazine
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An article published in Seaspray Magazine comparing the original fixed prop with an Autostream Feathering prop on a Catalina 42 MkII. Printed in the August/September 2006 Edition.


Fairfax Atherton recieved a quick pay back on his new purchase....
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....your propeller probably saved me from losing my mast....There is no possibility that I could have stopped the boat with my old fixed blade propeller


Max Domaschenz has had his Autostream for 10 years now...
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"The best thing anyone could buy for their yacht is an Autostream Prop..."


Autostream Feathering Propeller for Moody 38 fin keel
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Having now had two seasons use out of the 3 bladed Autostream feathering propeller supplied by yourselves, I just wanted to confirm that it has easily lived up to my expectations....


Autostream Feathering Propeller for Starlight 35
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....The prop has been absolutely great in performance and manoeuvrability....


Mark Palmer of Ontario, Canada, fitted an Autostream prop to his Roberts Offshore 44...
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"The prop is wonderful...Reverse is awesome, stops quickly and seems to be no prop walk at all..."


When the time came to replace their old feathering prop, Carol & Dick Simmons fitted an Autostream to their Island Packet 44
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...The prop you provided for our Island Packet 44 last Feb is outstanding!...It is far superior to the feathering prop we used to have...

Updated added after 4 years...


Jim & Marjie Favors of Nautech Enterprises run Cruising Rallies for a livelihood, this was what they have to say...
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"We highly recommend this prop to anyone even thinking of moving from a fixed to a feathering prop or considering a new one!"


Skipper Tim & 'Fairwind'
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A picture says a thousand words... So here are two of them...


Brett & Deb sailing around the worls on Interlude II, took the time to send us this very interesting story...
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It was a moonless, starlit night; we were motoring south of India on our way from Sri Lanka to Oman. There wasn’t a ripple on the ocean; you couldn’t find the horizon, the stars seemingly to come right to the boat. The only mar on the mirror-like surface was our bow wake causing the reflected stars to bend as though seen through an empty beer glass...Suddenly a horrible scraping sound and then the engine started racing. We had driven over the top of a Long Line fishing net and were now entangled in the belly floating on the surface....


Welchen Propeller sollte man nehmen?
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Unsere Grinde D-143 Hyrrokkin war mit einem dreiflĂĽgeligem Festpropeller aus Bronze ausgestattet. Der Motor ist ein Yanmar mit 18 PS und einem Getriebe mit 1:2,2 Ăśbersetzung.


Ny propel,- hvad vælger man?
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Nick Humphris sent us the following comments...
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"During a sea trial, in nearly flat calm conditions, I achieved 7.9knots at an engine speed of 3500rpm. This implies that the engine, boat and propeller match very well. At a cruising engine speed of 2500rpm boat speed was 7knots. In reverse, the prop walk is still there but now of easily manageable proportions.

With the Gori propeller, I only achieved 7.4 knots at 3200 rpm. In "overdrive" I achieved 7knots at 2500rpm. And the prop walk was vicious."


Gary & Marci Willis from California, wrote in about their experiences on their Catalina 42
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Gary & Marci Willis were happy with the Service from Martec and the Autostream prop fitted to their Catalina 42, they found "...The increased sailing speed along with the increased control in reverse has been nothing short of spectacular..."


Larry Chuslo & Sharon Howard from Florida sent thses comments to our US Distributor Martec...
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I replaced my fixed 3- bladed propeller with your Martec (AUTOSTREAM) 3-blade 16 inch feathering propeller and could immediately feel I had control of boat, especially in backing up and maneuvaring in tight canals.


Chris Griffiths of Wind Dancer Cruising wrote…
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"... I found the difference in performance quite amazing. 1. Sailing speed increased by (I reckon) 1.5 to 2 knots on average. 2. Motoring performance forward improved by achieving faster speeds with lower engine revs after adjusting the pitch – which wasn't that difficult and carried out whilst the boat was in the water. I achieve 2.1litres per hour @7 knots with a Yanmar 50hp 4 cylinder. 3. Reversing improved and transverse thrust has been almost eliminated."


Captain Terry Nairn wrote about his experience with his Hunter 410...
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...Performance WOW!! we gain at least a knot under sail between feathered and unfeathered....


John Celick wrote in to Martec with his experience on his Catalina 36
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"...In California's light air it helps keep the engine off by keeping the speed up....With this prop, reverse is simply a direction change not a challenge."


Pierre Bieri, from Canada tells this about his experience aboard Panacea
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"...I was lucky to get to install it in its designated place, as my wife liked the pleasing design and fine finishing workmanship of the propeller and wanted to keep it as a sculpture for our coffee table..."


Buzz was actually happy he hit a piling...
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"... I feel so much more confident while manuvering in tight spaces like the Puerto Vallarta fuel docks. I’ve also been able to get an additional 20-30% more speed out of my little 2 cylinder Volvo diesel..."


Fernando Irizarry sent us this one on his Beneteau 42 SF
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"...My boat is a winner with my Autostream prop."


Charlie Fletcher was so happy he wrote this...
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".... In my opinion The Autostream Prop is a quality piece of gear that performs very well. It has certainly been a very worthwhile upgrade..."


Tom Harris tells us about his experience with his C&C61...
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"...Our decision to fit the MARTEC-Autostream Stainless Steel 3 blade feathering 20-inch propeller has turned out to be the best purchase we have made for the boat since buying it..."


Pat and David sent this from the Sicily Straits...
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"...Thanks a lot from another satisfied customer who will continue the praise as we go to others! That’s how we heard about you...."

Slipstream Folding Propellers fitted to Monohulls Back to Top

Simon Torvaldsen was considering fitting a Gori race prop to his new S&S34, but we guess he is happy with his choice....
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...Your prop has turned out to be outstanding - we have plenty of power, reverse seems as good as forward, and is is quiet and well matched to the Nanni. We recently had to pull a 32' yacht off a sandbank. They were stuck hard on a lee shore in 25 knots plus. We pulled them off in reverse with no real problems and once they were free towed them without even noticing the extra weight. There is no prop walk and getting in and out of the pen is simple....As for the drag, we have scored 2 fastest times and one second place (by 4 seconds!) in 3 races, so it certainly isn't slowing us down.


The sort of words we like to hear, these ones from Malc Peter in the UK
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Absolutely on the button!..............
......I am exceptionally pleased with it.


Charles Haas has run a Slipstream for a few years now...
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I have been quite pleased with the stainless steel folding prop that I place on my Beneteau in the Spring of 2003. This prop was recommended to me by one of your employees and it has lived up to her sales points.


Eric Lambert recently caught up with Gary at Martec and let himknow how he felt about his prop...
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It occurs to me that while I'd reported to you on the Slipstream I fitted to a J-32, I might not have on the one I fitted to my own boat......
Powering in calm seas, max RPM (3100) gives 8.0 knots on the GPS, fast cruise is at 2600 RPM giving 7.0 to 7.5 depending on the seastate. We have gone into 30 knots of wind with the associated seas at 6.5 knots. This is great performance: I'm very happy.

In reverse the performance is more than enough. I seldom use more than 1000 RPM when backing out of the slip and have plenty of steerage way at that speed. When anchoring, I back down under full power to set the anchor and to check its holding ability. The thrust is quite profound, and puts so much load on the anchor that I can sleep at night, knowing the anchor has proven its grip on the bottom.

The prop is free of vibration and is very smooth.


Bob was first put in contact as he had a big problem, that turned out to be a minor assembly error, But he did have us some great data on his 3 blade
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....we took the boat out for a seatrial with the Seahawk prop. Passed with flying colors. It actually outperforms the 2- speed Gori prop in our opinion


Bob Todd joins our fan club and starts a rush on Nonsuch 30 props
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I have had my Slipstream for four years now and have never had second thoughts about my choice.....A wonderful prop with superb customer support!


Dick Butler was unsure about the size prop Martec recommended...
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...I was a bit concerned when you suggested the 17 x 12 but it was right on.
It was a great choice for me and I'm very happy with the decision....


Rich Concklin took the time to write us a quick note about Sail-La-Vie II's new Slipstream Propeller
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....Boat seems lighter and more nimble as well as at least one knot faster under sail....


Fred Jacobs found out just how much bang for your buck you get with a low drag prop.
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Thank you for your great product. It is certainly the most important addition I have made to the boat and I wish I had done it long ago.


One of the first 3 blade Slipstreams fitted to a J-32
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...The prop is a great success. The owner wanted minimum noise and vibration
while powering at a good speed, and that's exactly what the Slipstream


Mike Gibson was one of our "Guniea Pigs' with a pre-production 3 blade Slipstream fitted to his Beneteau 461
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...Ben it has made a huge difference to the boat...


Kees Koopman is a Naval Architect who was so impressed with his Slipstream propeller he requested brochures to give to other interested people
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The thrust is at all revs, fantastic, even in reverse she gives enough force to maneuver the boat...Under sail the difference in speed is noticeable. Lets say it in this way, the maneuverability of the boat under sail, and the rudder effect is substantially better. As well the height the yacht can sail. In my opinion it is better to tell the aspirant buyers about this more effective rudder, and greater height to sail with a folding prop, instead of telling them about the enormous speed increase.


Ron Hankins Catalina 30 is a recent convert to SLIPSTREAM props...
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"We sailed our sea trial today on the 14 x 12 two blade Slipstream today. Very impressed.....The prop also backs down very well....Prop is beautifully made, all who saw it were impressed."


Alan Keen recently purchased a Slipstream prop in South Africa from Offshore Marine...
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"...I am very happy with my purchase"


Larry Pierce
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The prop is nothing short of astounding.


Tim bought his Slipstream prop through Martec in California
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The install went off without a hitch. We were all impressed by the quality of this prop....I saw a one knot improvement at 3000 rpm (I also have new bottom paint...) but very smooth...I tried reverse on it and it had equal / better performance -- seems to have less walk...Under sail -- I can feel better flow on my rudder -- no more prop rotation/drag. We saw 7.8kts under spinnaker during the Hot Rum on Sunday!! Sailing response in light condition = improved...


Ray Kennedy repowered his Benateau FIRST 38s5, it took a while to work through the details, but we got here in the end...
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Just returned from a voyage over to Cartagena and back - over 850 NM with the new engine and prop. The wind was light and variable requiring motor sailing both over and back. Never blew more than 5 kts from all different directions. We did very well - over 400 NM using less than 38 gal fuel in 2 1/2 days.....I am very pleased with the overall project with a much quieter engine and better fuel economy. I do miss the clank when I put it into gear. I have to restrain myself to keep from over revving the engine to get the clank confirming it is in gear....


One of the first reports on the new SLIPSTREAM folding prop..
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As one of the first to give the new SLIPSTREAM folding prop a serious workout, Doug Peter was more than happy with the performance on his J-130 as this email to Mary Morris at Martec in California tells..."...The propeller is exceptional, very smooth at most all RPM and really puts the power to the water in docking manoeuvres..."

Slipstream Folding Propellers fitted to Catamarans Back to Top

Thanks to Jeff Phillips for this informative feedback
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...The boat will go about much easier and sails closer to the beeze. Previously any closer than 45 degrees and the boat would stall rapidly and go into irons. Now sailing too close to the wind sees the boat slow steadily allowing plenty of time to readjust back to a good sailing speed at 45 degrees or the choice of sailing closer to the wind than the previous 45 degrees at a reduced sailing speed. ...


Iain & Cheryl fitted Slipstreams to their new 44' Bob Oram catamaram
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...At cruising revolutions of 2600, flat water no tide/current, we comfortably achieve 7.5kts with a flatout speed of can spin her on a sixpence....All in all we're very happy with the Slipstreams, every bit as good as our old Autostream, and will happily sing their praises to any yachtie that is talking props...

Autostream Propellers fitted to Catamarans Back to Top

Bill Tait is another who has found out how the Autostream Feathering props really assist with manouvers...
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...I now have better speed under power or sail but the icing on the cake has been close quarters handling! One forward - one reverse and she turns in her own length in our canal..


Here is what Alan Jones had to say aftyer fitting Autostream feathering props to his catamaran
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"...I estimate about half a knot more boat speed under power and about 3-4 knots under sail..." "...They have changed the sailing characteristics of my boat (for the better) as it now performs much better in light winds and it tacks better to windward..."


One of our biggest market segments is charter catamaran operators.
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When we were asked by Jay, a San Francisco charter operator, for a referal on our Autostream propellers (he was concerned about vibration), we put him in touch with Nirvana Charters in Noumea..."I' ve been running AUTOSTREAM props on my Privilege 52' for more than 2000 hrs and never had any problem with them, they are so far the most reliable self feathering props I used..."


Reiner Zeppenfeld gave me these reasons for wanting Autostream props...
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...The excellent performance on the Autosteam in forward or reverse is actually enough to install these props...


Terry Crisp of Cammeray Shipwrights
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Terry Crisp found that being able to change the prop rotation, from right to left hand, while in the water was a life saver after he lost forward drive...300 miles away from shore...and no wind...


Sandy Munro came to us looking for what he thought was an impossible solution to solve his problems with Ocean Highlander lV...
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With the original folding props handling could at times be exciting – etched in the memory is a crowded Clachnaharry sea lock on the Caledonian canal with a rising wind up the tail. Folding prop efficiency, especially in reverse, is poor to say the least, and that was a day we really needed brakes.


Graeme Walton of Chincogan Catamarans wrote...
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"The propeller as supplied, was performance perfect from day one, boat speed at 2100 RPM was up more than 1 knot over the fixed pitch propeller at the same RPM, matching more than favourably the performance of the imported propeller. Vibration was reduced to zero, but the big surprise was the performance of "Snowgoose" in reverse. No more "walking" to one side from a standing start, acceleration (in reverse) instead of cavitation and total control over the direction in which the yacht was directed…even at minimal speed"


Stu and Marilyn Wright joined in a newsgroup discussion on props with the following....
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"...I put an Autostream 3 blade feathering prop on it. What a huge difference. Good thrust forward and most of all, the same thrust in reverse."

General Comments Back to Top

A comment to Martec (one of our US Distributors) from Dave Hamilton who has fitted an Autostream prop to his Sweden Yachts 38, "Sea Grace"
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"...I wish all companies were up to your level of customer satisfaction...."


EVERY propeller manufacturer can have the occasional problem, we think the difference that counts is HOW you approach a problem, if you have one...
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"...your service, professionalism and your warranty are superb..." Palma Engineering in Spain had a client with one of our earlier feathering props fitted that had a warranty problem. We arranged to get the prop back to Australia, repaired and returned to Spain promptly. We have since modified the design slightly to eliminate this problem in the future.


Another one on Customer Service...
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George had a few problems to sort out, but we soon had him confidently back on track... "If I have ever had equal service from anybody. I' damned if I can remember who it was, where it was or when it was."